Bright coloured glass

Anglesey sky


Colours and light

Glass reflecting light


strong sunlight

Seeing colour close


Lime green

Sunflower yellow



Reflected Anglesey


Leaded glass

Finished panel

I’ve lived away from Anglesey for some years now, I return as often as I can. Still this little island situated in the middle if the Irish Sea inspires me, brings me back to health, clean air and the touch of nature soothes the mind.

I’ve been making small leaded glass maps of the island, cutting along a cut line drawn similar to the road map. Each map has 19 different coloured pieces, green, yellow, red , pink! Gold and blue…

I’m cutting the colours that I I grew up with, I miss them, cannot live without them. Inspired by my island childhood and young woman world I have gone back to my roots whilst I cut up small pieces of glass.