Back in the driving seat againGlastonbury festival approaching next weekend!!! Very excited see you there!!

LightLust Stained Glass will be found some where in the Green Fields, which is the field just before the Sacred Space! Nice chilled craft field, beautiful & amazing opportunities to take part in crafts of all types and atmospherically one of the little explosive dynamic hubs for creative invention, creativity and sublime magic the hands on crafts field the festival offers.

Come along and find out for your self, and don’t be scared hop on a seat to take part, it’s all about making things learning and working together mind body and with glowing spirit.

I’ll introduce you to my amazing team of highly skilled, sky’s the limit and further!! Experts who will be teaching you on your Stained Glass Course

Dora McCormack Glass: Dora is just one of the funniest women I have ever had the pleasure working with. She is a great stained glass maker And a good friend. Dora teaches stained glass privately in Bristol so come book her if you live in the area to arrange further classes.

Michael Ross Stained glass: Michael is beyond words! Extremely creative ingeniously sensitive stained glass artist and teacher. He is fascinating to be around! Spontaneous with everything he does. The world definitely needs more people like Michael! He and his brother Ron arranged the Barbados project And if you have been reading my posts will have seen them and the workshop and some of the projects. Ross Art and  Stained Glass Innivations. Westbury Arts Centre. Foxcovert Road, Shenley Wood,, MK5 6AA Milton Keynes. Back for Glastonbury then back to Barbados!

And then there is me! But you know who I am x

So it’s gonna be fun! Funny! Hot and hilarious

Put some colour in you life! Making Small tent sized stained glass panels an experience you will treasure for ever! We will do our best to teach you the skills with safety! See you there xx

Much love Sophie xxx