Today I decided to just go into the work shop and start making a set of new exhibition panels, I had the energy the glass but found right then stuck on err what shall I do. Aha OK sketch a few things = waiting for inspiration

The necessity to make an art which is mine, make marks which are unique to my minds tension, exploring my craftwomanship! this  act I want to happen needs time to germinate. Give thoughts ample space to dance alone in my upstairs rooms, just under the hairline!

Today I’m really stuck for time, but I dreamt up this great idea, all I want to do is get to the studio asap and start to draw it out of me! shit I cant spend the time unfortunately, it will have to wait = frustrated

If the point is missed, will energy be dispersed into other things where the iron was once scalding hot! take up the pencil at every opportunity.

Today I’m tied up with this project, just have to finish the lead work, cementing, polish! But I have another window to design and the ideas are busting out my head ill have to address my time scale = impatient

And on and on…

But today I’m relaxed about it, thinks are better when worked at, thoughts need time to mature, some things are better off lost! and all good things come to those who wait! says my Granny! = wisdom

Last night a friend told me his wife was a bad cook cos she rushed her preparation and there for did not enjoy the meal! He takes his time to make the food taste nice, and the cooking So! he enjoys his meal, which he looks forward to savouring Mmmm

Yesterday I was leading up, I enjoyed the process, the material and the mental space, like a yoga breath, a view from a distance! immersed in a task  found refreshing. The simplicity of making, learning, and creating essential  practice = peace

Enjoy your day! xx