Hello to the mad and crazy month of the March Hare..

Would this month twang your moonlight strings and leave you dangling your toes out the crisp window ledges..

Focusing on the silver moon, as we wave out glass cutters into the sky and dance a merry tune! well if you were to prank about and loose self control, some would say it was a good thing! letting those mad hair’s down gently as winter season may lean into warmer weather or even be over!

Ahh Buxton snowed last week, don’t believe a thing I say!

Back into the workshop, after a mystery tour of the northern glass suppliers, and feeling the quietness which is not in the south, a fine and magical experience.My designing today will be influenced by my journey, the freedom of movement and meeting new people to talk and laugh, to see into another’s world, and sharing a meal or memory. I mean its about quality, not about sales, its about time not about speed for once to take the elements which are true and honed into a project, draw the sheets over my head and not come out till some thing worth while is on paper…

See what happens..

Write to me if you like on my Facebook page about you and the March Hare…