I could hardly see through this window

Jesus covered in salt and grime, badly cut areas and poor lead work, eventually he came back to life! I mean in a stained glass respect and meaning. Now cemented and polished he is the first long panel to be made of the set which will eventually be part of chancel illumination x

Mike and Ron work hard to make this project happen. Every day there seems to more obstacles to deal with to overcome and challenges to step by step make good for the benefit, the love of their trade and to restore to former glory beautiful work, pioneer new projects which benefit this thriving culturally rich community.

My work here is almost done, time is running out and my plane ticket awaits

If there is any movement on the dock and our materials are released then the glazing will commence with vigour in 28 degrees . Which is a challenge in its self, I’m not complaining and not missing British weather or organised society! This chaos is alive, life is thrilling, functioning in something I do not properly understand challenging.

But one thing I see daily is the respect folk have for each other!

As I walk home or cycle or push my cycle up hill, people say hello and strangers say ‘good night’ how sensitive and considerate. I’m so pleased I have had the opportunity to view Barbados from a bus mans holiday perspective.

Xxx night all

Thank you Michael Ross & Ron Ross